Credit Education…Where is it?

In my opinion their needs to be more education on credit brought into our education system. As we all have opinions on certain topics, this is only mine. I have realized that their is a lot of education in our schools and in the world, but not a lot of education offered on credit. I strongly believe that in our current situation with the economy, if their was education on credit in the school system, we might be in a better place today. Don’t get me wrong, our economy is in an okay spot and we are not suffering as much as some other countries, but we could be in a better spot if their was the missing piece……Credit Education. In my opinion if our children were educated properly on the value of a dollar, and how debt and credit will affect their future lives, then we might be able to assume that their future financial decisions would be educated ones. I think our education system to bring in a course on the basics of credit and how it works. We can assume that our children were taught on other topics that they might not need until an older age, so why not credit. I would like to open up this topic and take some opinions on this. Were you educated by your guardians on credit?  Thinking back would it have been a good idea to have a half year course in grade school on credit? Would the knowledge of Credit , Car Loans, Financing, Credit card debt, Mortgages, etc have been a positive tool to have today?

Just my 2 cents