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The federal government is suggesting a number of free options to people worried about the cost of credit checks after the personal data of 583,000 Canadians was lost.

The information was lost in early November when a portable hard drive vanished, affecting people who received Canada Student Loans between 2000 and 2006.

A spokeswoman for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada said people can ask the government to request a free credit report from a credit bureau be mailed to them, and can also ask that their social insurance number be flagged in the event unusual activity is noted. Neither of these options will provide real-time credit updates, however.

The response comes after an Ottawa-area woman said federal government officials told her she would have to pay $14 a month to a credit bureau to monitor her credit information.

Britton plans to join a class-action lawsuit after St. John’s lawyer Bob Buckingham filed a statement of claim Thursday on behalf of all the affected Canadians.

HRSDC timeline of events
  • Nov. 5, 2012: Employee discovers an external hard drive is missing.
  • Nov. 28: Departmental security officer is notified.
  • Dec. 6: Officials learn the personal information of more than 583,000 Canada Student Loans program clients are on the missing hard drive.
  • Dec. 14: The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is notified.
  • Jan. 7, 2013: The incident is referred to the RCMP.
  • Jan. 11: The public is informed of the incident and all portable hard drives and unencrypted USB keys are banned at HRSDC.

Britton agreed the government should cover any costs associated with protecting people who could be affected because it was responsible for the lost information.

“I absolutely don’t think that it should be on me and other former students to pay this when it’s the government’s mistake,” she said.

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