Documents you will need for a Bad Credit Car Loan Canada

Some clients are left wondering what they will need to be approved for a bad credit car loan Canada or documents they will need to bring to get approved for a car loan in Calgary with bad credit . A Lot of companies advertise for Everyone approved car loans or 100% approved car loans and that it is easy to come in and apply and drive away. Here is a list of items you should bring in when getting approved for a car loan:

-Drivers License – Class 5 license is accepted. Some lenders will accept a learners license.

-void cheque or pre authorized payment form – This will be the account the payments come out from

-5 references and landlords name and phone number. These references should be 1 family member and 4 friends that do not live with you, or share the same address as each other

-Small down payment. Come companies advertise $99 down bad credit car loans but it is suggested that you bring a small down payment to use as a commitment to the deal.

-2 current pay stubs and employment letter. This will apply to regular full time employees and will help expedite the process of verifying your income on your bad credit car loan application Calgary. The lender will need to verify that you are employed where you say your employed, and making the money you state you make on your car loan application.

-Recent bank statements. This will show the money that you are earning actually going into your account. This is not a must but suggested as it helps expedite the car loan approval process.

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