fixing credit in Canada

One of the hottest topics right now is how to fix credit in Canada . Their are a lot of companies in Canada that offer debt consolidation, credit fixing, orderly payment of debt . Their are also a lot of  car dealerships that offer credit fix car loans . It could be possible to approve your credit while using one of these methods but you need to due your homework on how each operated. While going through debt consolidation, orderly payment of debt, it will be good to know how each program works, and have everything in writing prior to entering into any agreement. You will want to make sure you understand how each creditor gets paid, when they get paid, and you will want proof of each creditor getting paid. Their is no doubt that having one payment versus multiple payments is easier to manage, but that being said, you will want to know that those other payments will be paid. Their would be nothing worse than making all your debt consolidation payments to find out that all your other debts were not being paid. Keep and eye on your credit bureau and make sure the debts are being notes as paid. When it comes to bad credit car loans or paying off a bad credit car loan early this is possible, for an auto finance loan. A Car finance loan for bad credit can certainly improve your credit while making your payments. It is my opinion that you should be into your car loan for at least 16 payments before paying off the loan early. It will also be helpful to make more than the monthly payments. You will want to set up the lender on your online bank account and make extra payments. This will show the lender that you are able to make more than the monthly payments and have the ability to make more payments. These extra payments will also be applied towards the principal of the loan, which reduce the overall interest(cost of borrowing).

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