How long it takes to fix credit

How long it takes to fix your credit will depend on what is exactly listed in your bureau and how serious the slip ups were. This is a question that many wonder and their is no right answer to this. It can take a lot longer to fix your credit if you are in Bankruptcy, or have a lot of collections versus having one collection and a couple late payments on active credit cards. It is important to remember that even one 30-day late payment can have a negative affect on your credit, therefore creating a minor re-build process. Through personal experience it took approx 2 years to start seeing the re-build turn into a positive result. In my opinion, I would suggest setting a 2 year time line and follow the steps to re-build and monitor the affects it has on your personal bureau. Credit rebuilding can take a lot of time and effort. It does not happen overnight and may take multiple phone calls to collection agencies, bureaus, credit card companies, and trustees. It is also important to know that a person can start rebuilding their credit while in bankruptcy. This can be accomplished with a car loan while in bankruptcy , or a secured credit card.

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