re-financing a car loan for lower rate

refinancing a car loan for a lower rate can be done. If you are in a bad credit car loan now or a Canada car loan and want to re-finance at a lower rate you need to be aware of your credit bureau while you are in your current car loan. My suggestion would be to attempt to re-finance after 16 payments, but on certain occasion this can be done earlier. I have had certain situations where a client was able to refinance at a much lower rate 12 months into their current loan. This all depends on the credit situation and where it was at time of signing the current loan. This will also depend on where the credit is at time of applying for the refinance. For instance if you had a collection or 2 at time of signing the current car loan in Canada and the collections are now paid, and you wish to apply for a refinance then 12 months might work. Another example would be if you had no credit when you got your everyone approved car loan, and now you have had a credit car for 6 months or so, then refinancing after 12 months might be possible. I recently had a client who had no credit at all when they got the new credit car loan, then applied for refinance after 12 months and got a lot lower payment and a lot lower interest rate. So many different situations can play out here to refinance but it is possible. To refinance your Canada car loan, or bad credit loan you can go to ,, These 3 are specialists in refinancing and can have you out of your current interest rate and into a lower rate car loan in no time. They will spend the time needed to educate you on your current situation and get you going in the right direction. This company has helped hundreds and people achieve good credit. They work with specialized companies and have specific knowledge on credit growth.

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