how to get a car loan with bad credit

getting a car loan in Canada with bad credit has become easier due to changes in economy and the way lenders look at risk. It is important to know that you should be prepared when applying for a bad credit car loan in Canada or a bad credit loan in Alberta. You will need to following documents in order to be approved for a bad credit Car loan in Calgary

  • recent paystubs(last 2 paystubs from your job)
  • employment letter on company letterhead(showing rate of pay, start date, position)
  • bank statements to show funds going into your account
  • drivers license
  • void cheque
  • 5 references

These conditions will make it easier for you to get approved and will expedite the process. Some of these conditions can be removed from the lender but preparing yourself with the above can make it a lot easier for the lender to say YES.

A bad credit car loan can range from 15% to 29.9% in interest rate and can be structure to be paid early with no penalty. If you visit the the right place ( then you would be able to look at refinancing this loan after your credit is re-established.

You can also apply for a bad credit car loan that is called a lease. These bad credit leases Can be a lower interest rate and have lease fees attached to them. Some leases have no buyout at the end and have the interest rate of under 10%. On top of the interest will be a small lease fee(calculated monthly). This will allow you to pay the lease early and save on interest.

Remember their are specialists out their that can help you with this., and are the 3 most trusted companies in Alberta for these types of loans. They have been approving bad credit for over a decade.

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