car loan interest rate at 4.99%

Car loan interest rate can depend on a lot of factors. When applying for an online car loan approval remember that the interest rate is set by the lender. This interest rate can be anywhere from 0% all the way up to 29.9 % depending on past payment history(credit bureau), and year of vehicle selected to purchase. Some of the “Box” stores(brand stores) offer 0% interest or 1.9% interest. This rate is very aggressive and will not be approvable for everyone. Some may choose to goto a “Privately owned” car dealership, and these car dealerships may use an outside lender. These outside lenders can offer interest rates that are very affordable and in some cases beat your banks arroval rate. I would suggest using an online car loan approval website like ,, or These 4 websites can offer auto loans as low as 4.99%, and will also offer bad credit auto loans for clients with less than perfect credit. These “everyone approved auto loans” can have an interest rate as high as 29.9%. These types of loans are catering to clients with Bankruptcies, Repossessions, judgements, multiple collections, write offs. All the loans these companies offer are open ended and can be paid off early, with NO PENALTY. They are not front end loaded and the interest will only be paid up to the date the loan is paid in full. The examples of interest rates on car loans are as follows.

These are all examples of car loan interest rates when applying for an online car loan and getting approved in under 1 hour.

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