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online car loan applications Canada

Fast online car loan applications in Canada is key to any approval. Client applying for an auto loan in Canada should be aware that their are many online loan applications to choose from, but only a few that are dedicated to actually getting a loan in place for a client. Clients will often fill out an online car loan application for find themselves waiting up to a week for an answer, and in some cases, not even getting a call back. We need to be aware that submitting an online auto loan needs to be submitted in full. A lot of times clients will not fill out the information correctly, or not in full. This will slow down the process of the application, and in some instances, the finance company will not process the application. Here are some items to remember when filling out credit applications for car loans.

  1. fill out address to 2 years back. If your current residence is less than 2 years, fill out the prior address. *remember postal codes.
  2. Employment needs to be filled out in full to 2 years back. Like above, if your current employment is less than 2 years, fill out prior employment. *addresses and employer contact #s are key
  3. Proper date of birth
  4. Please fill out your name correctly. If you have 2 last names please include these last names in the application
  5. Where you currently bank. this can help the finance company in many ways. This will allow the finance company to possible secure an approval with a matching institution.
  6. Gross income to be used, not NET. Gross income is the income you earn prior to taxes being taken off your cheque. Example: You get $1000 put into your bank account every 2 weeks. This would be $1000 net. The application needs to know the amount before the taxes are taken off.
  7. Rent amount. Use the amount that is your portion of the rent. If you have $1000 rent and you have 1 room mate or spouse, your portion would be $500

We have found from research that their are a few companies in Alberta that take online applications seriously and have a response time of under 1 hour. These companies have proved themselves to handle high volume of applications per day. From our research they have been a success every time we checked them out. They have spent time with their clients, educating them on credit, and getting them in the right direction. They have extremely high success levels in re-building their clients credit though auto loans.

These companies in Alberta that have extreme high success for auto loans are:


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