auto loan approvals for self employed-

Truck loan approvals for self employed applicants. Often, clients that are self employed or subcontracted face an uphill battle when applying for an auto loan in Canada. Their are companies that specialize in approving self employed applicants. Calgary has an over abundance of trades people, self employed, and contracted workers in the construction industry. Here are some tips for getting approved for a truck loan in Calgary, if you are self employed.

  1. Have you last 6 months bank statements available
  2. Have invoices to match the income shown on the bank statements
  3. Have a void cheque to match the bank account on the bank statements
  4. copy of previous years taxes to show total yearly income
  5. IF possible have the notice of assessment to show no taxes are currently owed to government

These are just some pointers on getting approved for a truck loan when sub contracted. Their is a company that specializes in these approvals.  “Finance Today”  to get approved for a truck loan in alberta . Finance Today will approve clients with bad credit, get you approved for a truck loan. They specialize in credit. Self Employed, sub contracted, new credit, new to Canada auto loans.

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