getting a car loan while in Bankruptcy- Answer

Getting approved for a car loan while in Bankruptcy can be difficult in most cases. Most lenders will turn down clients that are hoping to get approved for an auto loan while in Bankruptcy. The reason for this is the risk that is involved for the lender at that point. Most lenders don’t want to take the risk of a client that has a tendency to go bankrupt. Fortunately, their is an answer to this. Some companies have come together, and have made a solution to this challenge. These companies have come up with a program to assist clients in rebuilding their credit, while in bankruptcy. Recently, these companies have approved 25 clients in one month that were in Bankruptcy. In 5 cases the vehicles that were approved were over $20,000 selling price. With this new program in place client are now able to apply for a car loan, while in Bankruptcy, and get approved within 1 hour. In some cases, driving away the same day. Payments on these vehicles were based on interest rates under 9%. With these new companies able to do this, their is no doubt that clients will now goto these companies for assistance on car loans. With the economy being the way it is, and with clients that have had to claim bankruptcy, these companies realize their is reason to help. These companies realize that sometimes clients will claim bankruptcy just to survive. These companies realize that client sometimes have to do what they have to do to get by. With trained credit analysts on hand, and professional lenders on hand, these companies can not only approve clients for car loans while in bankruptcy, but can offer suggestions on credit rebuilding solutions. Credit is serious business, a clients well being is serious business, and a clients future in credit is serious business. If it was me I would choose to do business with a serious company, that has my future in mind as well.

In my opinion these 2 companies have really stepped up to make a difference

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