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If you feel like giving up on a car loan in Calgary READ this!

Finally a used car dealership that will help you.


Looking into the automotive industry it is jammed pack with those who want to help you the right way and those who are there just to make another dollar. I mean we all want to make it big and make lots of money, but there is a right way of doing so.

I pride myself in my interests of cars and the process people go through before committing to buy such an expensive item. Believe if or not a vehicle is one of the largest material items you buy other than a house, this is why I think discussing my thoughts and feelings about the car industry helps others who feel as if they are trapped.

Were you ever trapped when shopping for a used or new car? By trapped I mean, not finding yourself a great deal, approved with high interest rates, service is horrible? Well this is do to those who do not take the time to check the past experiences for those who dealt with a specific new or used car dealership. Google reviews is a great way to find out what people are saying about a dealership or social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

When dealerships with bad credit loans here in Calgary you need to be very careful, some of these dealerships will approved you at rates so high that even someone who makes an average living cannot afford. Their motive is to make money and that is it. At Finance Today I was very fortunate to meet the owner who discussed the process and service he provides to all of his clients who are in need of a vehicle but suffer from bad credit.

I highly recommend researching used car dealerships like I have mentioned above, but also word of mouth and asking people you know who they recommend!