We finally found the answer for those who suffer with Bad Credit!

Finally I have been doing enough research that I have found a local company in Calgary names Finance Today who offers every solution for lower interest rate approvals for use car loans. Being in the automotive industry for many years I have been trying to find automotive dealerships who are not only trying to make money, but also understanding the needs of consumers and that is approving those who suffer with bad credit.

Over the years I have met many people whether it were family and friends who may have hurt their credit from past marriages, missing a few payments or simply not enough credit history is just as bad as lower credit score.

Finance Today has been around for many years, offering a great staff who are well educated makes decisions much easier when looking to purchase a vehicle. Many people claim to know the answers when it comes to shopping for a vehicle, but the truth is every person will have a different experience.

As I am a frequent blogger in the automotive world, I assure you researching online and looking for reviews on particular companies is the best option. Now every business is very transparent online and if there is a client who is not happy with a product or service, the world will know about it.

Also with social media networking, you will see what the public eye thinks when it comes to a particular business or person.  On out next blog we will discuss in further detail about the tips online  and how you can go about finding a reputable car dealership who can finance you a new or used vehicle with bad credit.

Stay Tuned!