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Bad Credit Car Loans now at under 9%

Bad Credit Truck Loans now at under 9%, pay off early no penalty, 1 hour approvals, anywhere in Alberta. These Loans are now offered to clients with credit challenges. If you are a client with a bankruptcy, divorce, new to the country, no credit, REPOS on file, collections these loans can be approved. If you are a client that works up in Fort McMurray and can offer some money down payment these loans can be approved. If you are looking for a truck on monthly payments and live in Grand Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Fort McMurray, and all Alberta communities, you can be approved. If you are an Electrician, plumber, pipe fitter, roofer, landscaper, subcontracted, self employed you can be approved. If you have not filed your taxes you can be approved. If you just moved here you can be approved.

We see these ads everywhere on the Internet but very few companies actually spend the time needed to get you an approval. Their are many companies on the Internet that offer these types of approvals but when you fill out the online car loan application you never hear back from them, or they call you trying to approve you on a car when you actually want a truck. In my opinion you should be very diligent when submitting an online credit application. Many inquiries in a short period of time can affect the way the lender looks at the file. Many lenders don’t like seeing clients that have applied at many places in a short time frame. Their are many reputable companies on the Internet that offer fast truck loan approvals in Alberta, and offer fast car loan approvals in Calgary.

These companies specialize in getting clients approved on loans, and in a very fast time. In most cases they actually get the results in under 1 hour. They specialize in getting the loan all complete and driving away in the same day

Here are some examples of what they offer

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