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New to Canada Credit and Car Loans- Approval information

A company that specializes in new to Canada credit. Finance Today can get car loans approved for clients that are new to Canada. Getting credit when your new to Canada is a very challenging task, and can involved applying for car loans all over the place, just to get declined and told “No”. This has many affects on moving forward. I would suggest using Finance Today when you are applying for a car loan, and new to the country. Finance Today can offer approvals for clients that have a 9 SIN number, no credit, new credit, and can offer car loans for clients with Non “permanent resident” status. This company will understand that many clients will come to Canada for the opportunity for a better lifestyle, for a job offer, for family, etc. and will work with the specific client to get an auto loan approval when needed. This company understands the challenges with getting approved when your new to the country and will work at getting that approval in place that is needed. How is a person suppose to build credit in Canada if no one will give them credit? This is a valid question, and Finance Today will have a positive answer to this question. By approving non Canadian residents on a car loan, Finance Today will help establish the credit of their clients, and in return, give their clients the opportunity they were looking for.

If you are a non Canadian resident and applying for a car loan at Finance Today have the following items prepared:

  1.  Small down payment
  2.  Last 2 pay stubs from employer
  3.  Job letter from employer
  4.  Copy of drivers license
  5.  Void cheque.

This will allow the credit agents to work faster on your approval and get an approval in place in a faster fashion. Please have a reasonable expectation of payment and vehicle selection. Remember that this is about building credit in Canada. Sometimes it takes baby steps first.

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