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Is your Credit Bureau information correct?

On a lot of occasions I find myself in front of a client that has told me that they were not responsible for a late payment on their credit,  they had paid a bill and had it report to their bureau as a collection, or that they had no clue what a specific trade line was even doing on their credit bureau. In this day and age mistakes will happen.Because a piece of information is entered into a computer program, that doesn’t mean mistakes wont happen. We have to accept that mistakes will happen, and my affect our credit bureau and how it is reporting. At the end of the day we are responsible for our own credit bureaus. It is our right to gain access and request a copy of our bureaus for free, once a year. Although their are methods we can use to get our credit bureau monthly (for a fee), or have alerts and updates sent to us, advising us of change, we are ultimately responsible to make sure the information on our reports is up to date and correct. In my opinion, as a consumer, I would sign up to a monthly service through one of the credit reporting agencies, that allows updates to be sent to an email.

Is your credit bureau reporting correctly? Do you know if its reporting correctly? How often do you check your Credit Bureau?

Just my 2 Cents