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8 Annoying Things Only People Who Take Public Transport Will Understand

If you’ve ever had to take public transportation for an extended period of time, you will be well aware of the common annoyances that naturally come with sharing a vehicle with hundreds of strangers.

We’ve compiled a list of the most annoying things only bus or train riders here in Calgary will understand that may make you reconsider finally buying yourself that car.

8. Saying good-bye to personal space

Crowded Bus

Just when you think one more person couldn’t possibly squeeze in, at the last minute another handful of people slip through the closing doors and make you re-evaluate the new meaning of being “too close”. Gasping for oxygen through one woman’s perfume shower while avoiding another man’s flurry of shoulder dandruff, you hold your breath and tell yourself it will all be over soon.

7. Holding your breath when someone sneezes or coughs


There is a reason why healthcare posters instructing us to cover our mouths and wash our hands still need to be plastered in most public restrooms; people don’t listen. To see this in action, us public transporters know all you have to do is sit on a bus for a couple stops and you will see a person overcome with a sneezing attack they think everyone wants to share.

Because they don’t try to contain it, we must take precautions! The only way to protect ourselves is to either wear a ‘SARS’ mask (ain’t nobody got time for that) or, to not breath at all. In doing so we count to 5 and hope that some other poor Joe has enveloped the majority of the blast by the time we refill our lungs.

6. Getting sick more often from not holding your breath when someone sneezes or coughs

Sick in Bed

And, from that one instance when we foolishly let our guard down and didn’t partake in our oxygen depriving ritual, BAM! We get sick and the cycle continues.

5. Running on its own schedule

Trying to catch the bus

Sometimes we aren’t really sure why the transportation system even bothers to post schedules; it’s actually a rare surprise when the driver shows up on time. And doesn’t it seem to be, on the days we are running late, frantically rampaging to bus stop with fingers crossed in hopes that today will be like all the other days, that the bus is forgivingly a few minutes late… NO. Not today. Today, the driver happened to be a little early and that bus is gone baby, gone.

4. TMI

Awkward Bus Chat

For eavesdropping we have ourselves in part to blame, but some of the outrageous topics and gossip people choose to divulge in public are downright crazy! It’s no wonder ‘Overheard at…’ groups are rampant on social media.

3. The obnoxious cell phone conversationalist

Man Yelling in Phone

Not only are inappropriate conversations had between people on the bus, but there’s those solo travellers that will find someone in their contact list to call up and vent to for the whole ride. Even though we can only hear half of the conversation, it can be just as annoying and obnoxious.

2. The awkward shuffle and eye contact avoidance when trying to find a seat

Picking a bus seat

Why is it so hard to just get on the bus and pick a seat? In that tiny instance we have between stepping on the bus and the driver accelerating as if to make up for lost time (yeah right), we have to look for: a relatively clean spot beside a sane, generally hygienic human being that doesn’t look too emotionally unstable that if we sit beside them they might erupt, preferably near to one of the exits and along the aisle.

1. That one person that sits by you on an empty train

Sitting too close

We’ve all been there. The train (for once!) is not too packed and there is a wealth of vacant seats, even rows of 2-seaters empty! You get that person that drags themselves on the train, arms overflowing with bags that could comfortably sit down with their belongings in one of those empty rows. Instead, they plunk themselves right down next to you jamming you between half of their apartment’s contents and the window.

In the short-term, taking public transportation can be a cheaper option as you only have to dish out around $100 per month for a Calgary transit pass. However, if you’re sick of dealing with these every day annoyances and are ready to make a longer-term investment, it may be time to look into purchasing a car.

If you’re worried about bad credit history or don’t quite have the cash to pay in full up front, there are companies like Auto Loans Calgary and Finance Today who specialize in helping a car become affordable for anyone. No matter what your credit past looks like or what kind of car loan you may need, you are guaranteed approval.

Imagine saying good-bye to the Calgary transit woes once and for all and instead, drive yourself to work every morning in your brand new car.