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One Calgarian’s Bad Credit & WCB Story – How FinanceToday Can Help!

My story isn’t unlike that of a lot of other people. I was a pipe fitter, supporting a family in Calgary but going up north to the oilsands to work. And then one day I hurt my back.

My injury prevented me from working and I needed to go through a long, drawn out process with WCB in order to get my compensation and retraining.

My wife was a homemaker, taking care of our children and I was the only income earner and the whole situation really put is in a tough spot.  In the years that it took for the WCB to settle my case, the bills added up. I was faced with some of the hardest decisions in my life, and ultimately I ended up with a bad credit history.

My WCB settlement did finally come in, I did go for retraining and I am now gainfully employed  but getting approved for a car loan was a frustrating experience. Nobody would approve me at all – it wasn’t my fault that despite having coverage for workplace injury, WCB took such a long time to compensate me.

I was ready to give up  until I applied with FinanceToday.ca.  Turns out, they approve everyone for an auto loan in Calgary, no matter their credit history.

So even with bad credit, I was able to get myself a great car for myself and my family. I browsed through the huge selection of used cars (the biggest I’ve seen in Calgary) and I’m proud to say I’m the owner of a wonderful used car and thanks to FinanceToday I’ve been approved for a loan. Not only are they helping me rebuild my credit, but going through a process like that is also helping to rebuild my own personal dignity too.


Simple 3 step process for auto loan approval - everyone gets approved!

Everyone is Approved with FinanceToday.ca