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5 Money Saving Vehicle Tips To Help Improve Your Bad Credit History

30_car_tip_flashWe’ve previously discussed how to budget for a car and how you can improve your credit score, but one thing that should be discussed is how to best use your car in order to save money – that is, after all, the key to making payments on time and therefore improving your credit history.

1. Drive the speed limit.

Speeding, particularly at highway speeds, burns significantly more fuel and significantly lowers your milage. By observing the speed limit you not only increase your own fuel milage, but also save on potentially getting speeding tickets (which are costly) and damaging your driving record, which can also increase the cost of your insurance premiums.

2. Check your fluid levels.
In the summer, make sure you have enough coolant and always check your oil when you fill up. Making sure your fluids are topped up can save you on costly repairs for your vehicle in the future. Speaking about your car’s motor oil;

3. Follow the owner’s manual for recommended oil changes.

The instructions in the owner’s manual will better indicate your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, including oil changes – it’ll ensure that you’re not getting oil changes too frequently but will also that you’re performing the regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future.

4. Assess your insurance needs before deciding on a plan. 

For example, getting your windshield insured in Alberta can add $200 per year, but if you have a common car, getting a windshield replaced can cost less than that. Do your homework and determine if you can save on insurance.

5. Consider getting a newer used car than an older used car. 

A newer used car will still be relatively trustworthy, where an older used car may have some major maintenance needed not too far in the future. The cost may be higher for the new car, but with organizations like Finance Today, you can get financing for that car no matter your credit history and have the piece of mind that comes with a newer vehicle while still saving on the sticker price.