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Buying Used: Private seller or Established Dealer?


There are a lot of reasons to buy a used car, but after deciding to buy used the decision then becomes to buy from a private seller or from a dealership.

Here are 4 reasons to buy from a dealership like FinanceToday.ca:

1. A dealership has a stake in your satisfaction.

When you buy from a private seller, they have no investment in ensuring that you end up happy – they’ve made their sale and now they’re done. With a dealership, they are an established buisness. They’re invested in making sure their customers refer others to them and share their good experience – they bank on that social capital. As a result, it’s in the dealership’s interest to ensure that their cars are of good quality. With a private sller, there is no motivation to fulfill promises made on the car or to even ensure the car is in quality condition. The Alberta laws regarding the private sale of vehicles makes it clear: the onus is on the buyer, not the seller to inspect the car and ensure it’s in good working condition. Buying from a used car dealership like FinanceToday.ca helps address that responsibility balance.


2. A dealership can offer you a large selection of cars in once place.

Just browsing our own selection of used cars you can see that there are a lot of offerings in a single place. Buying from private sellers online usually implies having to drive around Calgary (and area) hunting down the right car. You only have so much time in a day and driving around for disappointing experience isn’t the best way to spend that time.


3. A dealership can offer you financing, unlike a private seller.

When buying a used car from a dealership like ours, you can get financing easily and quickly because we guarantee approvals. When buying from a private seller, you may or may not get financing as you’d likely have to apply for a loan yourself with your bank, who does not guarantee approval. This is especially important if you have bad credit or a bad credit history – having a guaranteed approval ensures you’re making the best of your time, buying from a company who cares about your satisfaction and can offer you a lot of choice, so drop by our location or visit our site and find out more about getting yourself a bad credit car loan with guaranteed approval.